Sherlock Coat is the only place in the world to purchase fully screen accurate replicas of the coat, scarves and gloves worn by Sherlock Holmes on the BBC's Sherlock series.

These are not replicas in the traditional sense; they are exactly as supplied to, and worn on screen by, Sherlock Holmes himself.

Product details: the coat

A stunning recreation of arguably the most iconic coat in modern television folklore. The coat has been painstakingly recreated from the same patterns, stitch for stitch, fibre for fibre using original coats disassembled and forensically analysed with meticulous precision and unprecedented access to the original costume pieces.

The only departure from the original off-the-shelf coat is that the collar has been specially stiffened at the request of the costume department to enable it to be worn up with ease. The older coats were modified by the costume department using flat corset boning to enable the collar to stand up. For the new coats, a specially made linen buckram stiffened collar was specified and incorporated into the final design.

All details have been replicated with no expense spared:

  • The same 100% wool tweed fabric used on the original coats was sourced directly from the UK supplier
  • The embroidered acetate lining was custom recreated to the exact specifications as the original
  • The buttons were custom machined out of colour matched buffalo horn using a 3D laser scan of the original buttons, then painted
  • The same sizing - small through to x-large - has been replicated
  • The buttonholes have been hand braided in red thread as in the original
Small image showing the collar and lapels
Small image showing the front and buttons
Small image showing the back pleats
Small image showing the back belt
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